Ugadi and Nowroz Greetings - Sales (Provisioning) & Billing Departments closed until 23rd Mar 2015 - STRONG/ATAL Server Upgrade on 27th Mar 2015

New Generation Web Hosting LLP wishes all its clients a very happy Ugadi and Nowroz Mubarak!Please note that our Sales (Provisioning) & Billing Departments will be closed up to 23rd March 2015. We appreciate your patience if you have any pending orders / tickets in these departments.A maintenance has been scheduled for 27th of March 2015 to ... Read More »

20th Mar 2015
Server Migrations - HEALER, GROVER, MAPLE, MANGO and SHOUTcast servers and VPS Nodes

A scheduled migration is planned to migrate accounts and OpenVZ instances from HEALER, GROVER, MAPLE, MANGO and SHOUTcast servers STREAMER, CASTER and VPS nodes VZ1, VZ2, VZ3, VZ6, GREENAPPLE, MMEDIA, RSYSVPN to newer Dual Xeon servers.This is a planned migration and each account / OpenVZ instance will be properly backed up and migrated without ... Read More »

13th Jan 2014
Attacks on Wordpress Blogs - FTP and PHP mail() disabled on Healer

We have noticed at least 10 Wordpress blogs being compromised in the last 5 days in similar pattern with a motive to send out spam from our servers. We have temporarily disabled FTP and PHP mail() function on HEALER, TWISTER and some other servers. We have made alternate arrangements for clients with genuine requirements. Please submit a ticket ... Read More »

16th Oct 2013
Delayed Support Responses due to Power Crisis in Andhra Pradesh

Support responses may be delayed by 4 to 6 hours from our usual response times due to intermittent power outages as a result of indefinite strike by power generation companies in Andhra Pradesh, India. We request your patience and co-operation.For updates on the Power Situation in Andhra Pradesh, please refer to ... Read More »

6th Oct 2013
Protect yourself and your data - Tips and Advise from NGH

New Generation Hosting will never ever ask you for your account information. It does not matter whether it is client area information or your email account information or cPanel information. We will never ask for any of these and even if you receive any emails asking for access data for something hosted on servers, do not reply to it and instead ... Read More »

3rd Sep 2013
Increased Security, enablement of CloudFlare on certain accounts + WP Tips

Due to DDoS and BruteForce attacks in the last 36 hours, we have increased the security on our servers and are enabling CloudFlare by default on all accounts hosting wordpress blogs as we have noticed them to be a target in these attacks. You can learn more about CloudFlare at addition to this, we recommend all ... Read More »

11th Apr 2013

A maintenance has been scheduled to migrate all accounts from ROCK, STRONG and TWISTER servers to new servers to offer additional resources to our clients. Media Hosting (SHOUTcast and Windows Media) clients will now be able to use branded URLS for their feeds.Maintenance Details:ROCK Schedule: 17th Mar 2013 6 PM GMT to 8 PM GMTSTRONG Schedule: ... Read More »

16th Mar 2013
Introducing Loyalty Rewards - Fourth of July 2012

Today on the occasion of Fourth of July (US Independence Day) we are happy to introduce our Loyalty Rewards program to all our clients as part of our continued effort to improve your experience with our services.As part of Loyalty Rewards, domains registered for 2 or more years between 4th Jul & 27th Dec will receive 1 year free renewal with ... Read More »

4th Jul 2012
Service Tax on Domains and Digital Certificates applicable to Indian Clients

As per the Finance Bill, 2012, there have been vast changes in the taxation provisions relating to Service Tax. The regime has moved from earlier practice of levying the service tax on defined services. As per the new provisions, services of all types unless these have been specifically exempted in the negative list. As a result, domain name ... Read More »

30th Jun 2012
Scheduled Maintenance at Support & Development Operations Center - 19th Feb 2012 7 AM GMT to 20th Feb 2012 7 AM GMT

Due to scheduled maintenance at our operations center, support tickets may not be answered in a reasonable timeframe from 7 AM GMT on 19th to 7 AM GMT on 20th Feb 2012. All the servers & services are online at this time. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

18th Feb 2012