Mar 20th Ugadi and Nowroz Greetings - Sales (Provisioning) & Billing Departments closed until 23rd Mar 2015 - STRONG/ATAL Server Upgrade on 27th Mar 2015

New Generation Web Hosting LLP wishes all its clients a very happy Ugadi and Nowroz Mubarak!Please note that our Sales (Provisioning) & Billing Departments will be closed up to 23rd March 2015. We appreciate your patience if you have any pending orders / tickets in these departments.A maintenance has been scheduled for 27th of March 2015 to ... Read More »

Jan 13th Server Migrations - HEALER, GROVER, MAPLE, MANGO and SHOUTcast servers and VPS Nodes

A scheduled migration is planned to migrate accounts and OpenVZ instances from HEALER, GROVER, MAPLE, MANGO and SHOUTcast servers STREAMER, CASTER and VPS nodes VZ1, VZ2, VZ3, VZ6, GREENAPPLE, MMEDIA, RSYSVPN to newer Dual Xeon servers.This is a planned migration and each account / OpenVZ instance will be properly backed up and migrated without ... Read More »