A scheduled migration is planned to migrate accounts and OpenVZ instances from HEALER, GROVER, MAPLE, MANGO and SHOUTcast servers STREAMER, CASTER and VPS nodes VZ1, VZ2, VZ3, VZ6, GREENAPPLE, MMEDIA, RSYSVPN to newer Dual Xeon servers.

This is a planned migration and each account / OpenVZ instance will be properly backed up and migrated without any anticipated downtime. Please note that there may be DNS propagation issues for about 4 hours so we advise you to activate maintenance mode on your highly dynamic websites / web applications to prevent visitors from writing data to the old servers even after the migration. However, if you have a highly dynamic website, please contact us with off-peak times for your site(s) for better co-ordination.

Date: 15th Jan 2014 6 PM GMT to 11 PM GMT - Shared and Reseller Servers
Date: 16th Jan 2014 8 AM GMT to 11 AM GMT - VPS and SHOUTcast Servers

15th Jan 2014 EDIT: The migrations are postponed to the following maintenance windows upon multiple requests from VPS clients:

Date: 1st Feb 2014 3 PM GMT to 7 PM GMT - Shared and Reseller Servers
Date: 1st Feb 2014 8 PM GMT to 11 PM GMT - VPS and SHOUTcast Servers

Monday, January 13, 2014

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